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How we got here...

Our second daughter was born with a congenital heart defect called "Tetralogy of Fallot." I was self employed as a personal trainer (OnTrak Personal Training). My wife lost her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep. She was pregnant at the time, so we couldn't get insurance to cover the birth. We decided to pay for "Cobra Insurance" just in case something went wrong. Well, things did go wrong, and at 6 months old, our daughter had a life saving open heart surgery. During the time spent at the hospital, we learned about the obstacles that other parents had to overcome. Ours was a loss of a job. Some parents had to stay at work to keep their insurance while their baby was laying in a hospital bed. Some didn't have insurance at all. We were basically one financial decision away from losing everything. Sometimes it was overwhelming thinking about financial stuff when our baby was lying there with chest tubes, breathing machines, and an incision down the middle of her chest. We just wanted to concentrate on her. We thought if we were in this situation, what are other families having to deal with? Parents should concentrate on their babies' well being, not money. This is how "We Heart Babies" was born. Starting a non profit is our way to give back, to help families in similar situations. We Heart Babies provides emotional support for families as they care for their hospitalized children, comfort items during their stay in the hospital, financial assistance for medical expenses, and additional assistance as needed.

Below is a story that was done on our family for the Vanderbilt Children's Miracle Network Telethon: